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What is Sebra?

You can’t tame the striking zebra, and this is our new imprint’s spirit animal. Our books will entertain, challenge and bring a fresh and modern point of view, relevant in Wales and beyond. The stripes on each zebra’s body is unique. Our goal is to bring something new to readers which will encourage them to find the unexpected with us.


Our books

We’re looking for fiction and non-fiction books for adults that offer something a bit different to the ‘norm’. Ideas that are of interest to the reader in Wales and further afield too. A Welsh ‘flavour’ that can be savoured internationally. We are particularly interested in:

  • Novels that have the potential to be adapted for the stage or screen.
  • Factual books that cover a range of accessible topics. This could be health and wellbeing, leisure, entertainment, or something completely new.

Our goal is to help our authors to make the most of any commercial opportunities. We also want to support our excellent local bookshops too by producing bestsellers.



Got an exciting idea?

Are you an author brimming with ideas who’d like to join our exclusive Sebra family?

We only publish a selective collection of books each year. This gives us a unique opportunity to work closely throughout the creative process, to create an exceptional book together. This is the way we work.

We encourage submissions from new and established authors who have a special story to share.



Our latest books